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The Quinnipiac Law Review provides analysis and commentary on all areas of the law. The work published in our pages provides critical examinations of everything from recent groundbreaking civil and criminal cases, to the shifting paradigms in corporate law structure and the moving parts behind environmental and food regulation. Published four times annually, the Law Review includes articles written by faculty, judges and practicing attorneys from all over the country, as well as notes and case notes from students.

The Quinnipiac Law Review is a wholly student-run organization. Membership on the Quinnipiac Law Review provides students with an opportunity to develop legal scholarship skills that give them an edge in the legal market. Membership requires a great deal of time and effort, but the rewards are invaluable.

Volume 40, Issue 1, 2021


The Shopkeeper’s Morality in The Age of Automation

Bret N. Bogenschneider

The Disconnect Between State Laws Regarding Medical Marijuana Legalization and Employee Protections

Gita Sharma and Vanessa L. Johnson


Title IX – Where Is It Now and Where Should It Go?

Alexa Massad

Should We Establish A Duty of Care for Individuals to Not Spread Covid-19 and Under What Circumstances Should This Duty Arise?

Londyn K. Zografakis

Volume 39, Issue 2 2021


Humble Conservatism: Stewardship, The Rule of Law, And A Consistent Life Ethic

Chad G. Marzen

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The ‘Intellectual Diversity’ Crisis That Isn’t: Liberal Faculties, Conservative Victims, And the Cynical Effort to Undermine Higher Education for Political Gain

Sean M. Kammer

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To Regulate, Or Not to Regulate? The Court’s Expansion of The Federal Employers Liability Act and The Federal Arbitration Act to Supplant Employment Law

Meaghan C. Kirby

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