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Established in 1997, the Quinnipiac Health Law Journal specializes in the areas of health law and policy, biomedical ethics and medical-legal research, both domestic and international. In a legal landscape constantly in flux, the journal positions itself on the front lines of changes, regulations and practices of health care institutions at state, local and federal levels. Scholarship also examines the many legal threads which connect providers, payers, vendors and patients in our health care system. Featured topics include forensic evidence, legal medicine, long-term care for the elderly, fraud and abuse enforcement and compliance, and medical malpractice.

The journal is designed for law school students and faculty as well as the broader health sciences community at Quinnipiac and beyond.

Volume 27, 2023-24

Issue One Articles

  1. Pedaling Snake Oil and Profiting from Pain: The Monetization of the Junk Science of “Parental Alienation” in the California Family Law Courts; Carrie Leonetti
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  2. Who Should Pay for Us to Die? A Look through the Equity Lens of the United States’ Laws Surrounding Medical Aid in Dying and “Death with Dignity” Legislation; Cameron N. Chaplen
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  3. Analyzing the State of Chevron Deference—Or Lack Thereof—in the Circuits After American Hospital Association and Empire Health; Evan Foley
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  4. First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes a Baby: The Exclusion of Gay Men from New Jersey’s Fertility Treatment Mandate; Jonathan Nendze
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Issue Two Articles

  1. The Key to Medicaid Access: Unlocking the Mystery of Rate Setting Law; Lydia Dawson and Esmé Grewal
  2. Ransomware in Healthcare: Navigating Coverage for Novel Legal Claims in the Wake of a Cyberattack; Elisabeth McMahon
  3. “Prove It Twice” The Discharge of Creditor-Victim’s Sexual Offense Judgments: Procedural and Policy Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code; Drake Marchese
  4. Who to Blame? AI or Your Physician; Nicholas Tonti

Issue Three Articles

  1. Caring for Society: The Ethics of Military and Health Care Vaccine Mandates; Michael Sullivan
  2. To be Educated: The Role and Responsibility of Schools to Protect Student Mental Health from K-JD; Lauren Baretta
  3. Vaccines are a Noble IDEA: Does Connecticut’s Removal of the Religious Exemption for Childhood Vaccination Violate the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act?; Francesca Testa
  4. The Means Barely Justify the Means Utilizing Eminent Domain of Patents to Alleviate the Alzheimer's Crisis; Nicholas Tramposch

Previous Issues

Volume 25, Issue 3, 2022


  1. Limiting the Boundaries of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Physiological Autonomy; George P. Smith, II

  2. Future of Pharmaco-Electronic Medicine; Joseph R. Carvalko Jr.

  3. Terminally False: Hospice and the Falsehood Standard of the False Claims Act; John A. Butzer


  1. A Miracle Lost in Time: How Properly Regulated Bacteriophage Therapy May Save Us from the Antibiotic Crisis; John Tyler Castellanete

Volume 24, Issue 2, 2021


  1. Reshaping The Cigarette With Less Regulations And More Nicotine: How Juul Reversed A Generation Of Work Following The Cigarette Industry Playbook; Gregory Bailey

    Read the article (PDF)

  2. Playing With Fire: Why Australian Legislators Must Legalise E-Cigarettes; Marilyn Bromberg & Nicholas Cardaci

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  3. Cause Of Death? Speech: The Problems With Criminalizing The “Encouragement” Of Suicide; Niko Dimopoulos

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Editorial Board


  • Lauren Baretta

Executive Managing Editor

  • Francesca Testa

Executive Business Editor

  • Kesang Lama

Lead Articles Editor

  • Evan Foley

Research & Symposium Editor

  • Ashley Reding

Publication Editors

  • Carolyn Lenoci
  • Drake Marchese
  • Elisabeth McMahon
  • Kristen Oleskewicz

Supervising Note Editors

  • Cameron Chaplen
  • Amanda DiFrancesca
  • Michelle Grieco

Staff Members

  • Joseph Capretta
  • Brianna Devivo
  • Hannah Gorham
  • Lindsey Hernandez
  • Nicole Horen
  • Skylar Levy
  • Michelle Lozada
  • Alexandria Woods
  • Alexis Zambrano

Faculty Advisors

  • Kevin M. Barry
  • Jennifer L. Herbst

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